Christian Life Groups

Christian Life Groups at Living Lord Lutheran Church

We are a congregation almost all of whom come from many areas of the country other than Florida. Many of us arrived here with no family or friends locally. The goal of this ministry is to actively connect us with each other as God's family, nurturing our faith, enjoying social and learning times together, and making new friends within our congregation.

It is our hope through this ministry program to involve as many members of our congregation as possible in fellowship and discussion of Christian topics. This program involves volunteer hosts and facilitators meeting in member homes gathered in small, comfortable groups, usually twice a month in the evening. The groups are autonomous, and each one sets their own schedules and select relevant Christian-based topics for study and/or discussion.

The Christian Life Group Ministry has had 4 active groups throughout the months of October 2016 thru May 2017. These groups met on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings as the hosts and/or facilitators decided last fall. Topics this past year included 'Remembering the Forgotten God', 'Questions Christians Ask', 'What Makes You Happy', 'before Amen', The Noticer, and other topics decided upon by the group members.

Check back here as October 2017 approaches to see what groups and topics will be presented in the fall.