Worship Assistants

Worship Assistants at Living Lord Lutheran Church

Every Sunday a different team of individuals provides support for the worship services in several ways. Each team typically consists of Greeters, a Reader, Ushers, Communion Assistants, a Screen Operator, a Sound Board Operator, an Acolyte, an Assisting Minister, and a Nursery Volunteer.

The Greeters, Ushers, Readers, Communion Assistants, and Screen Operators are scheduled by worship coordinators for each of the three Sunday services. The other positions are schedule as indicated in their descriptions.

The schedules are flexible and voluntary. If you are interested in serving Living Lord in one of these capacities, please contact our Worship and Music director, Larry Howe, and he will put you in touch with the appropriate coordinator for the worship service you are interested in.
The Greeters are usually one or two individuals who stand inside our front door and are the first ones to shake your hand and welcome you to worship with us each Sunday. Sometimes even an entire family joins in this welcoming activity.
Ushers and Side-Plate Ushers
The Ushers and Side-Plate Ushers serve two separate functions. The Ushers are there to greet you as you enter the Sanctuary. They will also welcome you and offer you our weekly Order of Worship handout. Currently we have two formats for these documents - a Standard Size version and a Large Print version. They can also assist you in finding a place for you and your family to sit. If you desire to participate in Holy Communion but would find it physically challenging to go to the altar rail please let one of the Ushers know and they will arrange to have Holy Communion brought to you at your seat. The Side Plate Ushers generally serve during the 9:15 and 11:00 services and assist the Ushers in the collection of the offering.
Communion Assistants
The Communion Assistants support the Pastor during the sacrament of Holy Communion. The Pastor will distribute the bread, one of the Communion Assistants will bring you the Common Cup and the other will have a tray of Individual Cups from which you can commune.
The Reader comes forward to the Lecturn at the appropriate time in each service and will read the First and Second Lessons aloud for the congregation. The readings will also be projected on the two screens at the front of the Sanctuary.
Screen Operators
The Screen Operator performs a critical function during our worship services by enabling the parishoners and visitors to view the words and music of the service on the two screens at the front of the Sanctuary. The Screen Operator at the 8:00 service will also record the Pastor's Sermon which will be uploaded to the church web-site on Monday morning.
Sound Board Operators
The Sound Board Operator also performs a critical function during our worship services. While our digital soundboard is very simple to operate it occasionally will need minor tweaking if the overall volume of the system or an individual microphone is not being picked up properly. Training is available to anyone who would like to serve in this capacity.
The Acolyte is an excellent opportunity for young people to become involved in the service by lighting candles, collecting the offering plates, and other activities. Please contact our Youth Director, Kristen Hitchcock, or our Worship and Music Director, Larry Howe, if you or your child is interested in serving in this capacity.
Assisting Minister
The Assisting Minister enables interested members to serve as Pastor's at-altar assistant during the service. Assisting Ministers currently serve during the 8:00 am and 11:00 am services. Please see Randy Hanson or the Pastor for more information and training.
Nursery Volunteer
The Nursery Volunteer assists the paid Nursery Attendant during all Sunday Morning worship services. For the safety of our little ones we need to have an additional adult available to stay with the Nursery Attendant. This individual would help when a child needs to go to the bathroom, when a child is in need of a parent, or in the event of a medical emergency.

The Nursery Volunteer can sign up to serve for one, two or all three service per Sunday. While the staff person is available during all three worship services quite often there are no children in the nursery, at which time the volunteer would be free to return to the Sanctuary and attend the worship service.

Please contact our Direcftor of Education, Jen Butler, or talk to one of the attendants if you are interested in serving in this capacity.